Meet the Holy Rascals


Bill Jersey, Director, Executive Producer, is known for his provocative documentaries on network and public television that have earned him numerous awards and an Academy Award nomination and established him as one of the most respected documentary filmmakers in America today. His credits include “A Time for Burning” (1966). Fred Friendly called it, “one of the best civil rights films ever made.” The New York Times called Jersey’s Emmy award-winning “Children of Violence” “Brilliant, heavy, searing.”






Cathy Zheutlin, Director, Producer, is a documentary producer and director, has been principal cinematographer on award-winning PBS documentaries, including “The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter,” and “The Other Philadelphia Story,” and the 1982 Academy Award nominee, “See What I Say.” Her 1986 documentary “Just One Step: The Great Peace March” led to a co-production with Soviet TV about the first Soviet American peace walk.








Edis Jurcys, Cinematographer, has worked on documentaries from around the world including his native Lithuania, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Israel and the United States. He began his career in 1982 as a cameraman for network television in Moscow, Russia. More recently his credits include “Tsunamis” for the History Channel, Greystone Television; “Art Beat” weekly show for Oregon Public Broadcasting; “In the Mix” for PBS and “Electronic Money” for PBS and BBC.






Lisa Suinn Kallem, Editor, has been an award-winning editor Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) for 15 years. Her documentaries include one of the most-watched Frontline's ever, “To the Last fish” for PBS; “America’s Scenic Journeys: The Adirondacks,” and her 2007 Emmy Award-winning “Oregon Experience: Abigail Scott Duniway." She has also worked on OPB series “Art Beat” and “Oregon Field Guide.” Her most recent work is for a multimedia series for college level classes on American literary movements.